Monday, May 3, 2010

Do your cooking pans look as bad as mine ....

... if they do .... then here is a deal for you! Head on over to Drugstore Divas for a free give-away on Nordicware Natural Commercial Bakers Quarter Sheet with Storage Lid. This is an excellent give-away, and goodness knows I could use this to replace my sad looking baking sheet. (smile)

Not only is there this give-away, and others all the time, on this website, but also tons of helpful information for drugstore sales and coupons! So if you're not interested in doing the give-away, just pop on over to Drugstore Divas and browse around a bit!

Here is your link for the Nordicware:

1 comment:

  1. You guys won't believe this, but I actually won these pans!! I was expecting a light weight tin type pan, but these were the heavy duty pans (two) with a lid that fits either one! We have already been using them for everything! Now, I just need to win some cooking pans! (gotta find a giveaway for that now!)